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Mdw Ntchr Flash Cards: Biliterals

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Among the classical languages of the Afrakan people, Mdw Ntchr is the oldest with a vast and varied written literature.  The word Mdw Ntchr (commonly know today as Egyptian hieroglyphs) means “Divine Words of the Creator”.  These collection of Biliterals was created as a compliment to the Mdw Ntchr Alphabet Flash Cards to guide those of all ages seeking to learn the language of our ancient Afrakan ancestors.

In the Mdw Ntchr, biliterals are mono-syllabic signs which represent two consonants.  This 42 card deck illusrates the objects depicted in the Mdw Ntchr using phonectic examples in simple form to guide the reader in pronouncing these words and to build a comprehensive understanding of the Kemety language.  May your studies take you to higher steps of knowledge and understanding in learning this classical language.

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