I grew up in the 80’s, when the art scene in America began to take root in a raw and funky vibe. Punk rock, pop, and Hip Hop were giving birth to a totally new generation of kids with something to say and a need to be heard. Expression was the theme of the day, so colors were popping and vibrant, and everything was intense and extreme. Planted into these fertile soils, I was watered with the culture of Ghana, my parent’s country of origin, which gave me a strong foundation and background in African traditional art. I first picked up the pencil around the age of 5, and have been expressing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas through that, and many other mediums, ever since. My primary area of artistic expression lies in Illustration, but personal explorations along with studies at Rutgers University have broadened my palette to include areas such as, Graphic arts and Painting. Currently, I work as a Graphic Arts teacher in the Jersey city school system and do freelance jobs on the side during my spare time.


Knowledge is power, consciousness is awareness, and creation is divine. Therefore conscious creation is the ability to awaken minds through divine empowerment. Konscious creations! was created to do just that, and more. It is a business that is about tapping into the divine order of things to create works that represent truth, justice, harmony, balance, and reciprocity. Konscious Creations!‘s dedication to giving 100% lies in its unyielding duty to pay respects and homage to those who came before, and laid the ground work for the elevation and advancement of mind, body, and soul. For those, passed and living, who toiled through trials and tribulation to pave the way for awareness of origins, knowledge of self, and commitment to cultural responsibilities. As creation is divine, we as artists, designers, musicians, etc., must make sure our works are universally sound, because we are ultimately commissioned by the unseen hand of which we are all a reflection of. So in offering services that include, but are not limited to, flyers, posters, business cards, illustrations, as well as clothing designs, Konscious Creations! is a supreme source for unique print media designs and spiritual enlightenment.


Konscious Designs is a clothing line that was created to bridge the gap between the current state of mind of Afrikans in Amerika (“African Americans”), with a long too dormant greater sense of self-awareness and empowerment. The name is forged with the purpose of strengthening the understanding that Black is beautiful, excellent, of the highest quality, and is built from the foundations of the greatest empires in existence. The image embodies and represents, confidence, strength, style, and an appreciation of cultural roots, which have been suppressed by a dominating culture and its ideologies. Bringing cultural, political, and social issues to the forefront, through fresh, innovative, and stylish imagery, Konscious Designs picks up where the likes of Garvey, Malcom, and Ivan Van Sertima left off and continue to spiritually lead on.


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